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20-Hour Georgia DUI / Risk Reduction Course. A State Certified Program at Dallas Hiram DUI School

DUI Class Information

DUI Class Information

  • State Certified Class for Court, Probation, License Reinstatement
  • Take class from home on Zoom or WebEx or in-person in Dallas, GA

  • Receive certified Georgia DDS certificate by e-mail
  • Select a class date, register by 7PM Friday to join a weekend class.

Certified Online DUI Class Registration

DUI Class Registration

Dallas Hiram DUI School is certified by the State of Georgia. Upon course completion, students receive an official DDS Certificate. State License #10292

300+ Five Star Reviews

1000s of students served

“Dr. I is a great instructor and definitely made the content of my class relatable. I would highly recommend taking your classes here. The front office is also very understanding when there are scheduling conflicts. I am beyond grateful for the help they’ve provided me.”

Levi N.

“Seth was amazing, he made the experience better with his great personality . He knew when to laugh & make us laugh but he also knew how to turn it on to very serious when it was time. I laughed, cried & learned a very valuable lesson. Ty Seth & to all involved at the program.”

Christy H.
“Dr. Isoke and staff at Dallas Hiram are very professional, and make this process go smoothly for older and young, and that you can take this knowledge that you have learned and share with others that are having life situations. Be positive in your life, and you will go far.”
Tim S.
Is Dallas Hiram DUI School approved by GA DDS?2024-05-22T17:13:05-04:00

Yes! Dallas Hiram DUI School is a state approved DUI class provider in the State of Georgia. Students who complete classes with us receive an official Georgia DDS certificate, even if they take our class online. If you’d like, you can also join any class date we have listed in-person in Dallas, GA. Our State Program License # is 10292

Where can I find an online dui school in Georgia?2024-05-22T17:11:05-04:00

If you’re looking for an online DUI school for Georgia, Dallas Hiram DUI School is approved to provide DUI classes in Georgia by the GA Department of Driver Services. You can attend class on any device that has a microphone and webcam, such as an Apple iPhone, Android, or laptop. Certificates are emailed to students after the end of the class, and you’ll receive an official DDS certificate.

Where can I find a Risk Reduction class online?2024-05-22T17:10:49-04:00

If you need a risk reduction class online, Dallas Hiram DUI School holds classes weekly, Saturday and Sunday 9AM-6PM and Monday night, 6:30PM-10:30PM. This allows you to complete your Risk Reduction class online in one convenient weekend.

How can I complete a GA DUI class?2024-05-22T17:10:33-04:00

If you need a GA DUI class, Dallas Hiram DUI School is licensed to provide GA DUI classes by the State of Georgia (Georgia Department of Driver Services). When you successfully complete a GA DUI class with Dallas Hiram DUI School, you’ll receive an official DDS certificate. At our school this class can be completed online or in-person in Dallas, GA.

What’s the best DUI school near me?2024-05-22T17:10:19-04:00

If you’re looking for a DUI school near you, Dallas Hiram DUI School is your best option for a convenient, GA state licensed DUI school. Weekly, convenient classes held online mean you can connect to class from the comfort of your home without traveling to a DUI classroom, saving you gas, time and money.

What does a Risk Reduction Course consist of?2024-05-22T17:10:03-04:00

When you sign up for a Risk Reduction course at Dallas Hiram DUI School, you’ll receive a link to complete your paperwork for the State of Georgia as well as a survey (called a NEEDS Assessment) you’ll need to have completed before class. The class is a total of 20-hours, usually on Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-6PM and finishing Monday night, 6:30PM-10:30PM. When you successfully complete your course you’ll receive a certificate by email. Whether you attend online or in-person in Dallas, GA, you’ll receive the same certificate because Dallas Hiram DUI School is licensed by the State of Georgia.

Can I take a DUI Risk Reduction Class online?2024-05-22T17:09:44-04:00

Yes, you can take a DUI Risk Reduction class online, but only with a licensed school like Dallas Hiram DUI School. Our state license number is RRP #10292, and you can attend our classes online using an Apple iPhone, Android phone, or any computer with a microphone and a webcam, like most laptops.

Georgia Department of Driver Services Resources

  • Dallas Hiram DUI School WebEx and Zoom Courses are Approved by the State of Georgia, pursuant to O.C.G.A Rule 375-5-6-.18 (20) (b)
  • Any online course must be completed with a certified DUI Risk Reduction program in the State of Georgia to receive an official DDS certificate.
  • Dallas Hiram DUI School is Certified by the State of Georgia. Official DDS Certified Schools
  • Want to attend in-person? Our address is 4618 East Paulding Drive, Suite 200, Dallas, GA 30132. The course and certificate is the same whether you attend online or in-person.

300+ Five Star Reviews

1000s of students served

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